Aster Hospitals launch The Advanced Heart Clinic for comprehensive heart failure management in UAE – News


Launched on occasion of World Heart Day, the clinic run by senior cardiology specialists would support patients with heart failure to better manage the condition that can help to improve the quality of life and prevent fatalities

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Published: Mon 2 Oct 2023, 6:03 PM

More than half a billion people worldwide are affected by cardiovascular diseases, which accounted for 20.5 million deaths in 2021—close to a third of all global deaths. Up to 80 per cent of premature heart attacks can be prevented. Heart Failure is a condition where heart muscles can’t pump enough blood to meet the body’s need for blood and oxygen. Heart failure affects more than 64 million people worldwide. The initial symptoms that a patient may face include shortness of breath or fatigue which are often ignored till the disease progresses to an advanced stage that can lead to poor functional capacity and quality of life, and high costs with fatal outcomes. Timely detection and appropriate management can help patients with heart failure lead a quality life with better control on symptoms. Therefore, attempts to decrease its social and economic burden have become a major global public health priority.

As there aren’t many specialised management facilities available for heart failure in UAE, senior cardiology specialists from Aster have joined hands to launch ‘The Advanced Heart Clinic’ with an aim to help patients with heart failure better manage their condition by providing comprehensive care ranging from accurate diagnosis, appropriate management through medication, timely intervention and surgical care as required.

Over the last two years, around 9,500 patients were treated for cardiovascular diseases at Aster Clinics and around 5,300 at Aster Hospitals. Conveniently located at two key Aster Hospital branches— Aster Hospital Mankhool and Aster Hospital Qusais—The Advanced Heart clinic ensures accessibility for patients throughout the region.

Commenting on the need for such a specialised service, Dr Naveed Ahmed, consultant interventional cardiology, Aster Hospital Mankhool, said: “From our experience here at Aster Hospitals, we have seen that majority of the heart failure cases, if detected early and managed well, can benefit the patient by slowing disease progression, appropriately managing the comorbidities and early intervention by specialists as required to prevent serious complications. As patients are getting detected at an advanced stage and in a younger age group, it is even more critical for them to maintain better quality of life and manage the disease appropriately to save lives.”

Dr Sherbaz Bichu, CEO, Aster Hospitals and Clinics in the UAE, Oman, and Bahrain, said: “On this World Heart Day, I am delighted to announce a momentous milestone in our journey towards better healthcare and improved patient outcomes. Today, we proudly unveil our latest initiative, the Heart Failure Clinic. This initiative is a significant step forward in our commitment to delivering comprehensive and compassionate care to those affected by heart failure. Heart failure is a condition that touches the lives of countless individuals and families around the world. It can be a daunting and challenging journey for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals alike. At Aster Hospitals, we recognise the importance of addressing this condition with the utmost dedication, expertise, and innovation. We believe that our expert team and state-of-the-art facilities will make a substantial impact on the well-being of our community.”

The Advanced Heart Clinic welcomes patients falling into various categories, including those with known heart failure and experiencing symptoms such as breathlessness, swelling of feet, and fatigue. The clinic’s goal is to provide comprehensive evaluations to establish accurate diagnoses and initiate personalised treatment plans to achieve optimal heart health and overall well-being. The Advanced Heart Clinic would be led Dr Sachin Upadhyaya, specialist cardiology at Aster Hospital Mankhool and Dr Abdul Rauoof Malik, specialist cardiology at Aster Hospital Al Qusais and supported by Dr Naveed Ahmed, consultant interventional cardiology, Dr Razi Ahmed, specialist cardiology, Dr Krishna Sarin, specialist interventional cardiology, Dr Negin Molazadeh, specialist cardiology, Dr Anil P Kumar, specialist interventional cardiology, Dr Debabrata Dash, consultant interventional cardiology and Dr Yogeeswari Vellore Satyanarayanan, specialist cardiology.

The Advanced Heart Clinic’s launch marks a significant milestone in the ongoing battle against cardiovascular diseases, aligned with Aster’s commitment to making advanced quality care easily accessible for patients.


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