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March 29, 2024 – MSU Health Care

National Doctors’ Day (March 30) honors the commitment of physicians to their patients and the communities they serve. MSU Health Care showcases the talent and contributions of four of our newer providers.

MSU Health Care cardiologist Dr. Charles Hong

Charles Hong MD, PhD, FAHA
MSU Health Care Heart and Vascular Center
Chair, Department of Medicine

Charles Hong, MD, PhD, FAHA, chair of the Department of Medicine and cardiologist at MSU Health Care Heart and Vascular Center, found his path to MSU Health Care through his appointment to this prestigious position. A Michigan native, Dr. Hong received his medical degree and doctorate in genetics from Yale Uuniversity and completed his internal medicine residency at the Yale New Haven Hospital.

“That ounce of prevention is worth a pound of gold. It’s never too early to improve one’s heart health,” says Dr. Hong. Halso emphasizes the importance of taking one’s medication. He says we should change our attitudes about heart medications-instead of thinking of them as drugs we take because we’re sick, instead think of them as supplements that help us live long and healthy lives.

Dr Hong’s favorite part of being a cardiologist is getting to see “miracles” happen at the individual and social level. “To me, there is nothing more miraculous than seeing someone recover completely after a terrible event like a heart attack, and knowing that the deaths from heart disease have plummeted during my lifetime,” he said.

Through his research in cardiovascular genetics, Dr. Hong discovered the root cause for the majority of venous malformations—or abnormal vein development, in children. He also discovered the first known cause for infantile dilated cardiomyopathy, which was previously unknown before his research. Currently, Dr. Hong is working to develop new drugs to cure brain cancer.

He hopes to continue to develop new treatments and therapies for brain cancer and help to make MSU Health Care the leading provider of world class heart care in mid-Michigan.

MSU Health Care plastic surgeon Dr. Senan Abdul-Hamad

Senan Abdul-Hamed, MD
MSU Health Care Surgery

Senan Abdul-Hamed, MD, plastic surgeon within MSU Health Care Surgery, joined MSU Health Care in 2023 because he saw it as a great opportunity to help serve and provide health care to people in his home state.

“The allure of contributing to the well-being of individuals in the community where I reside led me to MSU Health Care,” he said.

Dr. Abdul-Hamad attended medical school at the University of Baghdad and completed his general surgery residency training and burn training at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in Lubbock, Texas. He then completed his plastic and reconstructive surgery fellowship training at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

Dr. Abdul-Hamed treats a wide variety of conditions, including skin cancers like melanoma, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. He performs reconstructive surgical procedures for breast cancer, body contouring and wound care and facial trauma.

Some of his specialty areas include reconstructing skin and soft tissues related to cancers, injuries and burns, and general plastic and reconstructive surgery. “As a plastic surgeon, what I find most rewarding is the diversity of cases and the privilege of caring for individuals across all age groups. Each case presents its own unique challenges and opportunities for innovation, which keeps the profession dynamic and fulfilling,” he said. 

Through his work, Dr. Abdul-Hamad hopes to be someone that makes his patients feel like they were treated more than just someone walking through his office door. He wants his patients to feel like people, by delivering personalized care.

MSU Health Care colorectal surgeon Dr. Jacquelyn Charbel

Jacquelyn Charbel, DO, FACOS, FACS
MSU Health Care Colorectal Surgery

Jacquelyn Charbel, DO, FACOS, FACS, joined MSU Health Care in 2023 to augment the colorectal care available in mid-Michigan. Dr. Charbel attended medical school at the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed her general surgery residency through Henry Ford Health. She then completed a fellowship year of training in Seattle, WA at Swedish Medical Center for Minimally Invasive Colon and Rectal Surgery. Following completion of training, Dr. Charbel returned to Michigan to start her clinical practice.

The most common colorectal issue Dr. Charbel sees is hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are an extremely common problem, as there are over 3 million office visits per year in the United States due to hemorrhoid issues. “What draws me to my role as a colorectal surgeon is the opportunity improve a patient’s quality of life. Whether through patient education, topical treatments, or surgical procedures, I feel a sense of gratification from helping individuals find relief and enhance their quality of life,” she said.

Dr. Charbel continues to participate in Michigan State University research regarding the prevention of colorectal cancer. She plans to continue balancing patient care while teaching medical students and surgical resident physicians.

“I love my career with MSU Health Care, as this position offers a great mixture of clinical care, academia in the form of teaching, and hands-on research opportunities.”

MSU Health Care surgical oncologist Dr. Linda Qu

Linda Qu, MD
MSU Health Care Surgery

Surgical oncologist and Michigan native Linda Qu, MD, joined MSU Health Care as a way to serve her local community upon completing her complex general surgical oncology fellowship training at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. At MSU Health Care, Dr. Qu found a supportive and collegial environment, where she now works alongside exceptional partners, caring for cancer patients with dedication and expertise.

Dr. Qu attended medical school at Michigan State University and completed her general surgery residency at the Loyola University Medical Center.

Dr. Qu treats a spectrum of conditions, including GI tract cancers such as esophageal, stomach, and small bowel cancers, as well as liver and pancreas cancers, complex gallbladder and bile duct diseases, and soft tissue cancers like melanoma and sarcoma. Her areas of specialty include pancreas cancer, complex hepatobiliary disease, gastric cancer, neuroendocrine tumors, and melanoma.

“The best part of my job is the ability to practice evidence-based medicine in a multidisciplinary setting for our complex cancer patients. Coordination of care is exceptionally important and staying abreast of the latest clinical trials and research allows us to extend the lives of our patients and improve their quality of life,” she said.

Through her work, Dr. Qu hopes to combat cancer to the best of her ability. “I want to be able to service my patients – they are the real heroes.”




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