GE HealthCare to Present Continuum of Care Innovations in Cardiology at ACC.23/WCC


March 4, 2023 — GE HealthCare will present its latest technologies and innovations for use during the critical planning and interventions steps in the cardiology care pathway as the American College of Cardiology (ACC) joins the World Heart Federation to host the ACC.23/WCC conference. The featured technologies and collaborations enable a streamlined cardiology care pathway with integrated solutions which have the potential to reduce the time from diagnosis to treatment, and leverage data and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide actionable insights and, ultimately, help improve health.

“GE HealthCare is focused on building a future in which we are more customer and patient-focused than ever. Our comprehensive portfolio of cardiovascular solutions delivers across the full continuum of care – from the time a patient first starts showing symptoms, to diagnosis and treatment – all the way through intelligent monitoring,” said Eigil Samset, PhD, General Manager, GE HealthCare Cardiology Solutions. “Our technologies provide a complete story of the heart with the goal of improving the workstreams of our customers as well as the quality of life of our patients.”

The prevalence of cardiovascular disease (CVD) has doubled since 1990, and looking ahead, cases of cardiovascular disease are likely to increase substantially due to population growth and aging. As a result, cardiology procedures are shifting rapidly – requiring a multi-disciplinary approach to optimize workflows, deliver better outcomes, and offer patients the best treatment options. With AI-enabled software to aid in early disease detection, automated workflows that offer a faster exam experience, technologies that support first-line decision making, and innovations in monitoring that increase convenience for patients and aim to reduce cardiac-related hospitalization, GE HealthCare is working towards modernizing and simplifying every step of the customer and patient journey.

GE HealthCare will be exhibiting the following innovations and showcasing the following collaborations at ACC.23/WCC in booth #1925, March 4-6, 2023.

  • Caption Health’s AI-enabled software can be used as an aid in early disease detection, utilizing AI to assist in performing ultrasound scans easier and faster as well as helping to detect signs of disease such as heart failure in at-risk patients across doctors’ offices and alternate sites of care. The recent acquisition of Caption Health supports GE HealthCare’s ultrasound business by adding AI-enabled image guidance to its ultrasound device portfolio, with the goal of reducing hospitalizations and enabling improved clinical outcomes.
  • AliveCor is a recent example of innovation and collaboration combining to increase convenience for patients and aiming to reduce cardiac-related hospitalizations. Our collaboration enables physicians accessing GE Healthcare’s MUSE — a cardiac management system that connects to and integrates into the electronic medical record — to view and interpret MUSE ECGs taken by patients using AliveCor’s KardiaMobile 6L personal ECG device, strengthening the care continuum from hospital into the home.
  • Allia Platform with MyIQ represents the culmination of multi-year collaboration with interventional cardiologists and vascular surgeons as well as other interventional specialists to design a trusted assistant for image-guided therapies – featuring a new robotic gantry with a smaller footprint than previous versions and other features to enhance user experience and improve workflow integration and efficiency.
  • OmnifyXR Interventional Suite, is an augmented reality solution that will provide a personalized imaging display with natural interactions for optimized workflow and ergonomics. OmnifyXR will help clinicians access multiple holographic displays to improve ergonomics regardless of working position; visualize & manipulate 3D ASSIST volumes to better assess complex anatomies; and allows for collaborative care through remote collaboration, education, training, and support.
  • Revolution Apex platform is an ultra-premium CT system designed and engineered to deliver 1-beat cardiac imaging for the whole heart, for any heart rate and rhythm. This capability is enabled by the system’s 160mm coverage, 0.23 s/rotation speed and innovative SnapShot Freeze 2 solution, which is an automated motion correction algorithm that corrects the motion within the entire heart, including valves, chambers, myocardium, and great vessels. In addition to its clinical capabilities, the modular design also offers a seamless path to continuous hardware and software scalability and upgradability that will extend the lives of CT systems into the future.
  • CardioGraphe is the first of its kind dedicated cardiac CT scanner with all required advanced capabilities, including anatomical and functional imaging, accessible for first-line coronary artery disease (CAD) decision making.
  • MyoSPECT, a next-generation cardiac-dedicated nuclear medicine scanner with extended field-of-view processing and new automated workflow features, offers a fast and comfortable exam experience.

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