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Google Health, at its recent ‘The Check Up’ event revealed several new announcements on the tech giants’ advancements in the health tech sector. Google unveiled new initiatives aimed at enhancing access to high-quality health information, supporting consumers on their health journeys, and providing educational resources for clinicians. With information being a crucial determinant of health and well-being, Google is expanding its efforts to ensure people can find the right care at the right time. Previously, Google Search facilitated access to information about US benefits programmes such as Medicaid and Medicare, as well as available healthcare appointments and insurance providers. Now, Google will make it easier for people to find Medicaid re-enrollment information as the requirement to re-enrol each year is set to resume soon.

Google is leveraging conversational AI technology, Duplex, to verify the information of healthcare providers and confirm their acceptance of certain Medicaid plans. Additionally, mental health is a major global concern, and Google is partnering with ThroughLine in New Zealand to expand the network of crisis helplines that appear at the top of search results. This partnership will provide more support in multiple languages and countries for searches related to suicide, domestic violence, and personal crisis topics.

Empowering individuals to take a proactive role in their health and wellness, Google is enhancing its Health Metrics Dashboard feature. Fitbit users will soon have access to more metrics and personalised insights, even without a subscription. The Health Metrics Dashboard allows users to track changes and trends in various health indicators, including breathing rate, skin temperature, and blood oxygen levels, providing a comprehensive view of their well-being over time.

Furthermore, Google recognises the importance of medical education and is taking steps to remove barriers in this area. The Harvard Medical School Continuing Education YouTube channel content is now eligible for clinicians to claim credits towards their Continuing Medical and Continuing Nursing Education. Google aims to democratise medical education by collaborating with the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide best practices for video production and content strategy, ultimately improving the quality and accessibility of impactful learning experiences for health professionals.

These announcements were made at The Check Up, where Google Health also highlighted its work with Large Language Models and introduced Open Health Stack, a developer platform. By prioritising the dissemination of reliable health information, supporting individuals in their health journeys, and facilitating educational opportunities for clinicians, Google Health continues to make significant contributions to the healthcare ecosystem.

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