I lived with Samsung’s S95D QD-OLED TV for a week, and it’s a game changer

Despite still being in its relative infancy by AV technology standards, Samsung’s Quantum Dot OLED panels are seriously shaking up an already complicated TV world. The arrival of the first couple of generations of this pure RGB approach to self-emissive OLED screen technology has already forced its LCD and traditional WRGB OLED (with their additional white element) rivals to try and up their games at unprecedented speeds. 

Having recently just spent a few days with Samsung’s 2024 flagship S95D QD-OLED range, though, I’d say it threatens to push the TV envelope to places other current TV technologies currently cannot reach. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s fair to say that Samsung will continue to shakeup the best TVs with its next-generation QD-OLEDs.  

Samsung’s S95D takes brightness to a whole new level

The Samsung S95D on top of a table

(Image credit: Future)

The single biggest reason I say this is its brightness. The first QD-OLED TVs from a couple of years ago threatened to shake things up in this respect, but the S95D takes things to a whole new level by reaching light peaks on a 10% white HDR test window – not a puny 2% one – of a fraction under 1800 nits. 


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