Meet Vityl: A quantum leap in chronic medical care


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Vityl’s CEO and GP, Dr Shaikh. Source: Supplied.

In today’s interconnected world where we work remotely and shop online, health care has lagged far behind business and commercial industries in digital transformation, but the future is here – at least when it comes to leveraging digital transformation to treat chronic conditions. 

Today, one in two Australians live with at least one chronic health condition. Three in five aged over 65 are living with more than one. Nearly a quarter say they find GPs inaccessible and have experienced extreme wait times. 

Vityl is a world-first, technology-enabled chronic disease clinic, working with GPs to provide a coordinated team of medical specialists, psychologists, dietitians, diabetes educators, and other allied health professionals. The end result is a seamless process designed to improve patient outcomes. With a global footprint in three countries, its unique patient-centric platform aims to diagnose and treat a range of chronic conditions including diabetes, cardiac care, insomnia, vascular and psychosomatic sexual dysfunction and chronic kidney disease. 

The Vityl Vision 

One in two Australians suffer from chronic disease, which is responsible for 83% of all premature deaths in Australia.  Besides adverse effects on quality of life, chronic illnesses are notoriously difficult to manage and pose serious economic burdens.

In 2020, founder and chairman, Jonathan Selim, decided to tackle the challenges of treating patients with chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. He brought together a world leading team of medical experts to develop Vityl, with the intention of supporting traditional GPs by relieving pressures on the healthcare system. Since then, over 20,000 patients across Australia, New Zealand and Canada have gone through the Vityl platform.   

The world-first platform allows for more effective and efficient ways of managing patient care. Patients have access not only to range a health professionals, that are seamlessly linked to their GP, but also to e-learning modules, online group therapy classes and one on one clinical support. To have specialists so easily accessible is the standout attribute that Vityl prides themselves on.

Vityl is dedicated to helping you feel your best. With its unique platforms and medical management software, its team of doctors, specialists, allied health experts, and coaches are able to coordinate seamless and effective care for your most chronic concerns. Get started with Vityl today.

Snapshot of Vityl’s platform 

Vityl’s innovative technology and patient centric model is at the heart of its rapid growth. Its customised EMR system currently streamlines diagnostics and access to medical records. The EMR is designed to connect directly to future smart devices offering the capacity of continuous diagnostics.

With medical technology, supported by over 100 dedicated staff members, the Vityl treatment programs offer educational disease management tools that are shared through online classrooms and monitored in cycles of care with clinical check-ins throughout the patient journey.

Vityl also prides itself on giving patients the time they need to explain not only their medical condition but also their lifestyle and mental health.  Initial intake consultations are not limited in time and patients spend on average 47 minutes in their initial consultation, allowing the clinician to obtain a deep understanding of their medical conditions and potential obstacles preventing them from reversing symptoms and optimising their health.

Looking into the future 

Vityl is set to launch a state-of-the-art GP referred, cardiologist led bulk-billed cardiac disease program that will include e-learning modules, group and individual therapy, specialist oversight, and multidisciplinary team engagement. This will allow accessibility to leading cardiologists and specialists for patients who live in remote/regional areas – which will be available from a wide range of GP clinics Australia-wide. 

At Vityl, the development of AI recognition is underway. When unified with Vityl’s customised chronic disease electronic medical system (EMR), which surpasses anything currently used in the medical industry, it will provide significant benefits to medical professionals treating patients.  

With many of Vityl’s patients being of similar demographic, sharing similar symptoms, and having similar comorbidities, it has developed a library of real-time case studies – invaluable to the medical industry. This offers complete transparency between the multidisciplinary team and allows each practitioner to build on existing cycles of care. Vityl is currently working with clinicians from leading global universities to take these learnings and disseminate them through peer-reviewed medical journals. 

Vityl was recently recognised as the 2022 Deloitte Rising Star runner up, with plans to expand into the U.S in the next 12, targeting occupational health, which poses a huge opportunity. Vityl currently has a growth rate of 7560% and is therefore considered one of the fasted growing companies in Australia.


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