Mozilla blows the whistle on Microsoft: ‘Over the Edge’ report accuses Windows 11-maker of browser bias and deceptive tactics

Some rather serious accusations are being thrown in Microsoft’s direction by Mozilla – including that the company is pushing its proprietary web browser, Edge, on Windows users by using deceptive tactics. These allegedly include using misleading ads, notifications that are worded like system warnings, and confusing interfaces. 

In case you don’t know, Mozilla is a non-profit open-source organization behind the Firefox web browser – which is a competitor to Microsoft’s Edge. Mozilla has addressed Microsoft directly, calling for it to stop its current practices, and has called for wider industry regulations to make things fairer for competing browsers. 

Screenshot of Mozilla's page for its "Beyond the Edge" report

(Image credit: Future)

It recently released a report titled “Over the Edge: The Use of Design Tactics to Undermine Browser Choice.” It opens by stating that users should have the right to choose their browser and use it without their operating system butting in. 


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