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The friends and family access page is where you will go to add a proxy or edit the level of access a proxy has to your account.

You can also link your MyChart accounts from different hospitals, give “Share Everywhere” one-time access for external health-care providers, review devices that are accessing your MyChart, and more.

About friends and family access (proxy access)

With MyChart by Epic, you can choose to give access to your MyChart account to someone else, and you can get access to other people’s accounts with their permission. This is called proxy access.

You can edit your proxies and their level of access from within the Friends and Family Section. You can also revoke a proxy from within this section. You can always ask an HHS staff member or health care provider to help you invite, edit, or revoke a proxy to your MyChart account.

To have a MyChart account of your own, you must be 12 years of age or older.

Who can be a proxy?

  • For patients aged 0-15, only their parents or legal guardians can have proxy access to their account.
  • For patients aged 16 and older, you can invite any adult to have proxy access to your account.
  • All proxies must have their own HHS MyChart account. If they don’t have an account, they can request an activation code to set it up. If they are not an HHS patient, they will need to request an activation code by filling out the Request Form in the MyChart tool. This form can be found by clicking on the Signup Online button and following the prompts. HHS health records will then reach out with an activation code for you to complete signing up.
  • For court-ordered or legal relationships such as foster parents or children’s aid guardians, Health Records will need to review the legal documentation prior to provisioning proxy. Direct those requests to Health Records by email: [email protected].
  • If the patient has a medical condition or disability that will prevent them from ever being able to manage their own MyChart account, the individual requesting proxy access should contact Health Records at epicmychar[email protected] to have the Medical Necessity level of access applied.

How do I invite someone to be a proxy on my MyChart account?

If you have your own MyChart account, you can add individuals as proxies by following the steps listed below:

  1. Log in to your MyChart Account, either on the website or the app.
  2. From the Menu, select Share My Record which is found in the Sharing section.
  3. Select Friends and Family Access.
  4. Inside Family and Friends Access, you will see the people who are proxies for you, and will be able to click to Invite Someone.
  5. Enter the name and email address of the person you would like to add as a proxy to your account, and specify the level of access you would like them to have.
  6. The person you have added as proxy will need to accept the emailed invitation and verify they know you by entering your date of birth. Then the proxy access is complete!

How does my proxy access my information?

Your proxy can see your information from within their own MyChart Account. Once logged in, they can toggle to your MyChart account by using the Switch function found on the main MyChart toolbar. Clicking on Switch will open a dropdown of all the people you are proxy for. Click on the name of the person whose MyChart you would like to view.

How do I become proxy for my child who does not have their own MyChart account?

Parents and legal guardians of patients aged 0-11 can gain proxy access to the child’s account by asking to be added as a proxy when they are on site for an appointment. Parents and legal guardians of patients aged 12-15 can gain proxy access to the child’s account by having the child complete the Adolescent Attestation Form, and presenting that to the front desk or provider next time they are on site for an appointment. Alternatively, the form can be submitted by email to Health Records: [email protected]. Specify in the email that you would like to be made proxy for your child.

What is an Adolescent Attestation Form?

Six months prior to a patient’s twelve and sixteenth birthdays, they will receive a notice to complete the Adolescent Attestation Form found in the MyChart tool (if they have a proxy). The Adolescent Attestation Form requires the patient to consent to have their parent/guardian continue to be a proxy for them, as well as to specify the level of proxy access.
If the form is not completed, the proxy will lose access to the patient’s MyChart account on the patient’s 12th or 16th birthday. The patient can submit the form to Health Records by email: [email protected], or the patient can present the completed form to a member of their health care team at their next visit.

Levels of Proxy Access

Proxies for patients aged 0-11 will be provisioned FULL ACCESS to the child’s MyChart account. At age 12 and 16, the pediatric patient must complete the Adolescent Attestation Form to consent to keep their parent as proxy, and to identify if the proxy should keep Full Access, or should be reduced to Adolescent Access (Pay Bills and Schedule Appointments Only). Proxy will never be provisioned without the consent of someone 12+.

Patients 16+ can choose the level of access they want their proxy to have. Options are:

  • Full Access (can see and interact with all MyChart features)
  • View Only Access (can see all MyChart features, but cannot interact with any of them)
  • Send Messages, Schedule Appointments Only

If you require proxy access to a MyChart account of someone who cannot consent, reach out to Health Records at [email protected] to discuss what options you have, and what documentation you may need to provide to support the proxy provisioning.

View the detailed tip sheet How to share access to your MyChart account.


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