Sonos defends its controversial app redesign, but many fans are still fuming

The controversy over Sonos’s app redesign, which infuriated many customers after Sonos quietly dropped some features – especially for Android users, doesn’t look like it’s going away. CEO Patrick Spence doesn’t regret the overhaul and has suggested that the customer will simply “adapt to that change”.

Spence was speaking to The Verge, who asked him about the controversy. The only thing he’d have done differently, he said, “is probably communicate the roadmap a little more clearly”. For Spence, the app is vastly improved and the people who don’t like it are a vocal minority who don’t like change: “it’s actually much easier to navigate, more responsive, and just a better overall experience, and that is the thing for the 99 percent of customers that you’re never going to hear from as you go through it.”


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