Sony Bravia 9 review: a stunning next-gen mini-LED 4K TV that makes a big bet on brightness

Sony Bravia 9: Two-minute review

The Sony Bravia 9 is the company’s flagship TV for 2024. TV tech followers were taken aback when the company announced earlier this year that a mini-LED model would be its new flagship, a position traditionally reserved for the best OLED TVs like the Sony A95L. However, in subsequent demonstrations, Sony showed off its new XR Backlight Master Drive with High Peak Luminance tech, exclusive to the Bravia 9, and it became clear why it made a jump to mini-LED.

Sony’s Bravia 9 is intended to follow in the footsteps of the company’s new BVM-HX3110 professional monitor, used when shows are being created, which bumps peak brightness up to 4,000 nits – that compares to the previous pro monitor’s 1,000 nits. The BVM-HX3110 gives creators an option to produce movies and TV shows with a wider dynamic range – something they expect to see happen as the new monitor gets deployed in studios. And while the Bravia 9 can’t hit the same brightness peaks as Sony’s pro monitor, it allows for programs developed with these super-bright highlights in mind to be accurately displayed using HDR tone mapping tech developed for the BVM-HX3110. That’s Sony’s claim, anyway.


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