These affordable 4K night vision binoculars could help you see the night in full color

Yashica is a 75-year-old name in classic analog cameras that ceased production in 2005, and has since tried its hand at Kickstarter projects with ultimately mixed success. Its latest endeavor on the crowd-funding platform is a departure from its analog roots; 4K night vision binoculars. 

Somewhat in the mold of the Sigweis Night Vision Binoculars, Yashica Night Vision promises improved full-color 4K video and clear 58MP stills even in complete darkness, thanks to a 0.0037lux sensitivity, 3-level 850nm IR (infrared) illuminator and f/1.0 aperture lens. In short, you can see in color in the dark, with clear viewing up to 600m. 


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