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A U.S. House panel is exploring holding a vote on scaled-back versions of two major health care bills to expand Medicare coverage of weight loss drugs and cancer screening tests, STAT reports. Full Medicare coverage for both items has broad bipartisan support, but expansion has been hampered by likely exorbitant price tags to the federal government. If the House Ways and Means Committee can scale back the bills to a more palatable price point, it could boost the chance of passage. It is unclear how the bills could be limited to decrease their cost, and whether pared-down proposals could achieve the bipartisan support needed for inclusion in a health care package expected at the end of the year.

The Danish Patient Safety Authority cautioned doctors to limit the number of packs of Novo Nordisk’s Ozempic diabetes drug patients can pick up at one time, amid worries that some acquire a larger supply than needed, Reuters writes. Demand for the hugely popular diabetes treatment has spiked as some have started using the drug for weight loss effects similar to that of Novo’s Wegovy obesity treatment, which contains the same active ingredient. The authority encouraged doctors to be mindful that some patients may accumulate more drugs for Ozempic than would be expected for normal use, possibly to resell excess supplies.

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